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Youth Education Buddhist Center (YEBC)
Watt Prasat Bakong, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia
Tel: +855-12-31 29 08, 12-83 15 02, 92-92 19 05, 92-21 99 13, 1-403-23 55 415

Dhammacarika Ordination Youth Camp Project

To facilitate the space for Cambodian youths in exploring their inner potential of ethic awareness
Leadership capacity and social participation

If you are planning for a day, grow rice
If you are planning for 20 years, grow trees
If you are planning for future generations, grow leaders.

Organizer: Youth Education Buddhist Center (YEBC)
Location: Watt Puek, Puek Commune, Puek District, Siem Reap Angkor Province, Cambodia.

1. Name of Project: Dhammacarika Youth Camp Project

2. Vision and Mission Statement:

Most Cambodian people recognize themselves as Buddhist in which this faith has embraced their spirit, way of life, culture and thought. Buddhism has played important roles in the Cambodia society. Through the profound teaching of moderation, middle path, self-reliance, mindfulness, ethic-based individuality, compassion, tolerance, non-violence and enlightenment validate Cambodian people to a high standard of spirituality.

Decades of civil war, all social infrastructures have been violated and damaged especially Buddhism which is considered as the significant institution of society. During Khmer Rouge regime, those perpetrators destroyed temples, sacred sites, scriptures; disrobed and murdered Bhikkhu monks. Viciously, they killed most of the educated stratum of people. When most educated monks have been eliminated, the chronic difficulty of national Buddhist education is clearly exhibited. Nowadays, we are lack of effective leaders, study texts and accurate curriculum, importantly the Bhikkhu monks who have to take accountable teaching and spreading the concept of peace, reconciliation and sustainable development.

Seeing these social chronic and disadvantages, we are Cambodian young generation have initiated to establish Khmer Youth Education Buddhist Center to embark our journey explicitly targets youth: monks, students and children to provide them the opportunity of searching their inner capacity, leadership, self-awareness, self-responsibility and social participation. We believe that to build individual’s leadership capacity can enhance good public services, alleviate poverty and construct social welfare.

3. Objectives:
Our important objectives are:
• To provide opportunity to young monks, students or children to explore their inner potential through meditation and interaction.
• To enhance them in developing leadership capacity
• To instruct them to be aware of learning sciences aware of ethical responsibility.
• To guide them in an appropriate way of replacing their unwholesome habits and negative thought to be reliable and applicable.
• To wake them up in the spirit of becoming good children, good students, good friends, good citizens and good followers.
• To envision them in learning, practicing, caring and spreading their culture and tradition.
• To practice the Dhamma in order to pay gratitude to all elders, ancestors and heroes / heroines of Cambodia.

4. Target Areas:

- Place: Watt Puek, Puek Commune, Puek District, Siem Reap Angkor Province, Cambodia.
- Participants: 150 boys will be ordained as novice, 150 girls will be ordained as nun. Total is 300 novice /nuns
- Duration: 10 days of April 1-10, 2007

5. Administrators:

• Bhikkhu Vodano Sophan = Project Consultant and Founder (BA., APLP-UH.)
• Bhikkhu Vath Vibol = Executive Director (B.A .of MCU)
• Bhikkhu Thai Choub = 1st Vice Director ( BA of Sihanoukraja University)
• Bhikkhu Maha Choun Saranont = 2nd Vice Director (B.A .of MCU,M.A . of BBU)
• Mr. Bou Senghor = Secretary (B.A .of MCU, M.A. of BBU)

6. Advisory Members:

• The most venerable Preah Krou Dhammarangsy of Wat Phnom Dey
• The most venerable Preah Maha Dr. Hok Savann of Canada
• The most venerable Preah Maha Dr. Toun Siridhammo of University of MCU
• The most venerable Silacara Puth Pon, the head of Siem Reap’s Sangha order
• The most venerable Preah Munisophana Buth Tangcheng
• The most venerable Youn Kheang of Canada
• The most venerable Vipassanacara Keo Hong of Canada
• His Excellency Dr. Kol Pheng, Minister of Education Ministry
• His Excellency Dr. Pok Thavin, General Director of Higher Education
• Mr. Ho Kimlong, English Professor in Japan

7. Curriculum and Teaching Process:

1. Dhamma Comprehension Classes
• Dhamma teachings for young generation constitutes of Morals, Concentration and Wisdom
• Applying the history of Lord Buddha and Buddhism
• Ethics and Behaviors emphasizing on Five Precepts, Five Dhammas; and Five Good Manners of People
• Developing our life through three aspects of Birth, Awakening and Enlightenment of the Buddha
2. Practicing Classes
• Chanting Pali mantras and undertaking five precepts
• Training to acting appropriate, prostrating, and polite positioning.
• Practicing sitting meditation, walking meditation and spreading good wishes (Metta) to all beings
• Question, answers and short skits
3. Social participation
• Training them to be aware of Nation, Religion and King
• Getting involved in maintaining and spreading of Khmer culture
• Involving in social and natural environment
3. Special invocation
• Reminding them to the virtue of Triple Gem and Parents

8. Estimated Budget:
Estimated budget for one project in 11 days-period is $7,626.00 (Please see in detail in the
Attached budget plan)

9. Expecting results:
- All participants can have self-discipline and self-reliance
- All participants can be aware of doing good deeds, avoiding all evil deeds and purify their mind.
- All participants can develop themselves to become a good child, good student, good friend, good citizen and good follower.
- All participants can enhance and raise up their capacity of social leadership and participation
- All participants can learn to develop tolerance, compassion, generosity and non-violence
- All participants can share their vision and critical issue to better their local community
- All participants can get involved more and more in protecting environment
- All participants can contribute their experiences to bring along with sustainable development through leadership improvement.
- All participants are aware of human rights and democracy

10. Responsible persons and contacts:

1/. Bhikkhu Vath Vibol, Executive Director, Tel: (855)12 31 29 08
Watt Prasat Bakong, Prasat Bakong district, Siem Reap, Cambodia
E- mail:
2/.Bhikkhu Thai Choub, 1st Vice Director, Tel: (855)12 83 15 02

3/.Bhikkhu MahaChoun Saranont ,2nd Vice Director, Tel: (855)92 92 19 05

4/.Mr. Bou Senghor, Secretary, Tel: (855)92 21 99 13


-Bhikkhu Seng Sophan, Tel: (403) 23 55 415

-Dr.Pak Thavin ,General Director of Higher Education
8o Boulevard Preah Norodom, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel : (855)-16 345 923 , (855)-23 42 87 61, Email :

11. Budget planning in details

Youth Education Buddhist Center (YEBC)

Dhamacarika Youth Camp Project
Location: Watt Puek, Puek Commune, Puek District, Siem Reap Angkor Province, Cambodia.
Tel: (855) 1231-2908 / (855) 9292-1905/ (855) 1283-1502/ (855) 9221 9913
Email: /
Duration: 11 days, April 1-10, 2007

Budget Code Discription Unit Detail Total
1 Education supply
1.1 Marker pens time 1 dozen* $ 4 $ 4.00
1.2 Refill ink time 5 bottles* $ 1 $ 5.00
1.3 Eraser time 2* $ 0.5 $ 1.00
Sub-Total $ 10.00
2 Student supply
2.1 Book time $0.13* 300 $ 39.00
2.2 Pen time $0.13* 300 $ 39.00
2.3 White clothes time $5*150 $ 750.00
2.4 Yellow robes time $10*150 $ 1, 500.00
2.5 Mosquito net time $5*50 $ 250.00
2.6 Health service time $150 $ 150.00
2.7 Toothbrush time $0.36*300 $ 108.00
2.8 Toothpaste time $0.25*300 $ 75.00
2.9 Shampoo time $0.25*300 $ 75.00
Sub-Total $ 2,986.00
3 YEBC operation
3.1 Electric city time $100 $ 100.00
3.2 Communication time $130 $ 130.00
3.3 Material office time $150 $ 150.00
3.4 Certificate time $0.25*300 $ 75.00
3.5 Transportation time $150 $ 150.00
3.6 Food time $0.72*300*10 $ 2,160.00
3.7 Drinking water and beverage time $0.36*300*10 $ 1,080.00
3.8 Photo and Video time $120 $ 120.00
3.9 Rent of tent time $180 $ 180.00
3.10 Trainers and speakers time $3*15*10 $ 420.00
Sub-Total $ 4,430.00

4 Unseen activities $ 200.00
Grand Total $ 7,626.00

Our projects are mostly supported by generous individuals, organizations, embassies and donors. All cents and coins are counted to build our young leader.

Your can express your generosity and donation through:

Name: Youth Education Buddhist Center
Branch: ACLEDA Bank Plc.
#28, Mao Tse Tung Blvd., Songkat Beung Trabek, Khan Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Swift Code: ACLBKHPP
Phone: 855-23-994-444
Email: inquiry [@]


Bhikkhu Vath Vibol (Director)
Watt Prasat Bakong
Phum Ov Lok
Khum Bakong
Srok Prasat Bakong
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Tel: 855-12-312-908
Email: vibol [@]

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