Youth Education Buddhist Center (YEBC) is a non-profitable and political unaffiliated organization, and no distinction of race, faith, color, gender, language or social status.

YEBC has been initially established by Cambodian Bhikkhu Monk since 1999. We have officially recognized by the Cambodian government through the Ministry of Interior in July 26, 2006.

Dhammacarika Youth Camp Project has been opening in schools and public gatherings.
Dhammacarika Ordination Youth Camp Project has been opening in the temples to give them space of strictly practice between 10 to 15 days in one place.
Youth Ceremony offers them space to join ceremonies and pay gratitude to their ancestors as well as Cambodian past heroes or heroines.
Dhamma Teaching Radio Voice for Youth provides them new updated information relating world view, globalization, transnational culture and technology especially the applied Dhamma teachings.
Games and Sports for Youth inspires them to get away from associating with gangs, addicting drugs and quarrels; and finding justice by learning from fair competitive athletic games.
Youth Volunteerism recruits them to do something useful for society as a whole such as cleaning public schools or parks, helping ceremonies or other necessary public needs.


- To enhance human resource development in widening wisdom and ability for life management to young students and youth. This informal education stresses on leadership capacity building.

- To educate the leadership and community leaders especially the Buddhist monks, in various locations entire the country. Emphasis would be given to techniques for effective delivery of teachings, counselling, spiritual guidance, and application of the Buddhist teachings. Laypeople should be active, competent and effective in initiating new ideas to enhance family values, livelihood and social participation.

- To promote ethics, proper attitude and responsibility for all Khmer youths as they are the young seed of society; to empower them with knowledge and virtue and to give them space involving community.

- To provide children, teenagers and youth the opportunity of learning and practicing the Dhamma so that they are able to apply it in their daily lives as well as to nurture, propagate the Khmer tradition and culture.

- To encourage youth to engage themselves in protecting the social and natural environment.